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Green Jobs–Social Media & Community Coordination!

The Alliance for Great Lakes has a unique full-time coordinator opportunity for individuals interested in social media and other forms of digital communication! Check out the description here:

The Audubon Society has a great full time position open in the Chicago region if you are someone interested in promoting healthy habitats for birds–Bird Friendly Communities Program Associate.

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Will Your Environmental Internship Lead to a Full-Time Job?

Well, immediately…probably not. But that does not mean they aren’t valuable!

An analysis of data in member profiles by LinkedIn shows some interesting trends in career training, specifically–how many internship opportunities are available in various fields and the frequency with which full-time jobs are available after completion. When it comes to environmental fields specifically, the outlook seems a bit bleak: Few internship positions are available and few of them lead to full-time jobs.

But don’t let that deter you from taking part in an environmental internship if it is your area of interest or passion. The skills and experiences you gain can still lay the path for a successful career in your field. Moreover, the network you begin to build for yourself could be the difference between an organization choosing YOU over other candidates when those limited positions become available.

Check out the details and explore other career fields here.

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Project Green Challenge–Sign up TODAY!

Oakton invites everyone to participate in Project Green Challenge for the first time in order to “transition from conventional to conscious”. Created by Teens Turning Green, the event encourages participants to THINK about the products they purchase, the food they consume and the technology they use a bit more deeply through a series of daily challenges during the month of October.  We are trying to encourage as many Oakton students as possible to sign up and become engaged in this activity in an effort to increase student participation in sustainability behaviors and develop general awareness.

You do NOT have to participate every day. Even if you choose only one or two challenges the whole month, you still have the opportunity to earn points, prizes and some valuable reflection on your own behaviors. We will be able to see a leaderboard of participants from Oakton throughout the challenge to check in on our cumulative progress.  I encourage you to take a look at last year’s challenges for examples on what tasks are possible, noting that (though the topics may stay consistent) the daily challenges themselves will vary for this year.

The Oakton student who earns the most points will be eligible to receive either a pizza party for ten friends or a gift card to the Bookstore for $50 with the runner up receiving the other (sponsored by the Green Committee and the Office of Student Life). We will also give “go green” shirts made in part from post-consumer recycled products to the top ten point-earners. This is in addition to the daily and grand prizes offered by the challenge, including the opportunity for finalists to attend “Green University“, a 3-day summit where students can collaborate with peers, learn from esteemed eco leaders and develop platforms for social action. They return to their campuses empowered, mobilized and ready to work together to change the world!

ANYONE can participate but only college students are eligible for prizes. In order to increase awareness about this project, we will have tables set up on Student Street at lunch time Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (9/23-25) where students can sign up to participate on the spot. But anyone can easily sign up from a computer or mobile device. Please help us to share this awesome opportunity!

Sign up by September 30!!

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STEM Challenge Opportunity! Cash Prizes!

From the Illinois Green Economy Network:

The National Science Foundation just announced a Community College Innovation challenge, for teams of community college students led by a faculty mentor and joined by an industry representative. The teams have to identify a real-world problem and propose an original, innovative solution, via a brief proposal and a 90-second video. Solutions must be STEM-based and fall within one of the following themes: Big Data, Infrastructure Security, Sustainability (including water, food, energy, environment), Broadening Participation in STEM, Improving STEM Education. Teams may apply online (website linked below) from September 15 through January 15, 2015.

Ten teams will be selected to take part in a competitive Innovation Boot Camp, with their travel expenses paid and $500 granted toward further refining their idea. First, second, and third place teams will be selected from this Boot Camp. Student members of the first place team will be awarded cash prizes of $3,000 each, $2,000 each will go to the student members of the second place team, and $1,000 each to the student members of the third place team.

This is an exciting opportunity for our students! Please share!

More information on the themes, the Challenge, and on how to apply can be found on the challenge website:

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MyActions–Paid Sustainability Internships on Campus!!

This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in helping to further Oakton’s sustainability initiatives on campus, while building practical experience AND making a little money.  MyActions is a relatively new social media platform that allows individuals to upload their “green” actions and photos in order to raise funds for non-profit organizations. You can check out the program here: and apply for the position here:

Positions are filled on a rolling basis so it is never too late to apply!