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Earth Week 2015 at Oakton Community College–Events and Activities!

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Oakton Community College is gearing up for its annual Earth Week celebrations! From April 20-25, we invite students, employees, and community members to join in a variety of educational experiences centered on environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

A number of our own Oakton faculty and staff will be presenting lectures and leading volunteer workdays. We have also invited a few representatives from community businesses and organizations to share their knowledge. All workshops and activities are free and open to the public (most will be held at the Des Plaines campus)!

There will be plenty of hands-on experiences including: a bird walk, campus nature walk, Lee Center building tours, environmental restoration (garlic mustard removal), water quality and invertebrate sampling in Lake Oakton and prepping our community gardens.

In addition, a number of presentations will be held. Topics include:

  • The Environmental Crisis in Light of Marx’s Critique of Capital
  • Environmental Philosophy and Deep Ecology
  • Municipal Water Cycle: What happens to water after we use it?
  • Natural Areas at Oakton
  • The Beauty of Plant Life: Images of native plant life cycles
  • Native Fauna and Fungi on Oakton’s Campus
  • Recycling Tips and Repurposing for Art
  • Air Pollution
  • Sustainability in a Business Setting
  • My Big, Fat, Green Renovation
  • Sustainable Food & Healthy Eating

Ecology Club will be on hand to sell milkweed and strawberry plants throughout the week and the Green Committee will provide snacks on both campuses. We will also be partnering with USAgain in a clothing, shoe and textile drive. Please visit for a full schedule and updated details as they become available!


Author: Debra Kutska

Thanks for visiting! I am the Sustainability Specialist for Oakton Community College. I look forward to introducing you to the many green initiatives in which we engage and collecting input from YOU as to how we can continue to improve. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions at any time at

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