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Waste at U.S. Level (Part One in a Three Part Series by Paul Slocum–Sustainability Research Student Worker)

Waste at U.S. Level

(Part One in a Three Part Series by Paul Slocum–Sustainability Research Student Worker)

Sustainably dealing with waste is one of most challenging issues facing governments on the national level. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) branch of the U.S. government is tasked with all of the environmental issues plaguing the United States today, and effectively dealing with municipal waste remains one of their most problematic tasks, as municipal-waste management is largely orchestrated by state legislature. According to the EPA, “In 2009, 243 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) was produced in the United States. Currently, 34% of the 243 million tons is recovered and recycled or composted” (EPA). These 2009 totals from the EPA are their last numerical records of nationally produced solid municipal waste– and their webpage was last revised in 2012. However in 2009, “of the remaining MSW that is discarded, 12% is burned at combustion facilities and 54% is landfilled” (EPA). Yet more recent studies by the Columbia University in 2011 reaffirm the fact that the United States landfills far too much of its municipal solid waste, as: “if all MSW landfilled in 2011 was diverted to waste-to-energy plants, it would supply enough electricity to power 13.8 million homes” (Simet).

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Second Nature: Carbon Credit and Purchasing Program Internship–Boston

Second Nature is hiring for a Carbon Credit and Purchasing Program Internship, located in Boston and starting this month.

Second Nature is a Boston-based non-profit organization working to create a sustainable society by transforming higher education through a variety of initiatives including the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), a program which supports nearly 700 colleges and universities committed to carbon neutrality and climate action. Second Nature is seeking applicants for an internship that may focus on the following tasks:
  • Support the research & development of a large-scale Carbon Credit and Purchasing Program (C2P2)
  • Assist with communications and outreach between existing carbon market participants and with the broader ACUPCC network of potential participants
  • Assist with Second Nature’s carbon registry account setup and management
  • Provide technical support and assistance for new and existing C2P2 program participants
  • Research and data analysis of program outcomes
  • Other ad-hoc tasks as assigned and dependent on applicants skills and interest

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Antioch College–Full Time Sustainability Coordinator

Sustainability Coordinator

Antioch College is searching for a Sustainability Coordinator. The Sustainability Coordinator is responsible for advancing initiatives that reduce Antioch College’s ecological footprint and establish the college as a nationally-recognized leader in the arena of sustainability. The Coordinator will work with students, faculty, staff and administrators to provide the knowledge, skills, and motivation that will integrate sustainability values and practices into the management of the College’s resources and operations, facilities planning and design; research activities; the curriculum, and the extra-curricular life of the campus. He or she will develop strategies to embed principles of sustainability in all of the College’s roles – a place of learning and research, a nonprofit enterprise, and a constituent of its community.

Listed below is the job description for the position. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and references to Electronic applications are preferred. If direct mail is required, please send documents to Antioch College, Office of Human Resources, One Morgan Place, Yellow Springs OH 45387. Deadline for applications is July 31, 2015 or until position is filled. At this time, this position is not eligible for relocation reimbursement.

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Clean Energy Training Opportunities in Illinois

This is a great time to get trained in solar energy! Check out these opportunities in Springfield:

ISEA Professional Education Courses

at Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, IL

Join ISEA for these entry level courses and begin your journey to a career in clean energy!
Hurry class sizes are limited!
PV 101- Introduction to Photovoltaics Saturday August 15th 9am-5pm
This one-day course uses a combination of lecture and classroom activities to teach the basics of solar electric systems. Participants will learn how photovoltaic (PV) systems work, diagram the four PV system types, describe and identify components, understand the best application and limitations of each system type, define the solar window, make energy efficiency recommendations, estimate system loads, and understand the basics of PV site assessment. More information here.
PV 201- Site Assessor Training  Saturday September 12th 8am-5pm

Participants will learn how to perform  a PV site assessment for a home or small business. The course will cover site assessment tools, load analysis, energy efficiency recommendations, array placement options, basic system sizing, cost estimates, and evaluating existing infrastructure on site. Participants will learn how to access online tools for solar resource analysis, PV system performance calculators, and incentives. For more information visit the ISEA website.

Please register via ISEA. Confirmation email will include contact info for LLCC in order to call and pay course fees.