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Restoration Work Days with Cook County Forest Preserve

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The Forest Preserves of Cook County offer a number of opportunities to explore nature and to give back to the community.  Volunteer opportunities are offered year round for anyone age 12 and up. Get your friends and family involved, or go alone and make new friends once you are there.

Further details from Kevin Kuhn:

Cut/burn invasive brush, harvest native seed in season, and have fun!
• Tools, gloves, onsite training, supervision provided; dress for the weather
• Year round workdays available; scheduling flexibility may be needed
• Ages: 12 thru adult; chaperone ratio 1:10 required for student groups

Ready to sign up? Go to and search for already scheduled workdays via our online calendar. Use dates and zip code to find sites near you. It is important to contact the volunteer site steward before signing up as a group. If you don’t find a workday that works for your group, please contact me and I will help you connect with one of our experienced site stewards to plan a successful workday.

Litter Obliterators:
Show that you care and inspire others to care!
• Litter threatens the health and beauty of our natural areas. Clean up your favorite grove, trail or shoreline
• Self-led by group leader; can be scheduled at any time at almost any site
• Quick matching and confirmation process; group size up to 100; all ages
• Supplies (gloves and bags) are delivered to a Forest Preserve pickup site near you
Ready to sign up? Go to and click “Apply”

Need a bus? If transportation to a site is a limiting factor for your group, we have bus transportation funds available on an grant/award basis. A bus application form will be sent to you once your profile is created and the matching process (your group to a site and an activity) is underway.

If you do not see something that meets your groups needs, please contact me directly.

Kevin Kuhn

“When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” Aldo Leopold


Author: Debra Kutska

Thanks for visiting! I am the Sustainability Specialist for Oakton Community College. I look forward to introducing you to the many green initiatives in which we engage and collecting input from YOU as to how we can continue to improve. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions at any time at

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