Keeping It Green at Oakton

Your source for the most current sustainability news from Oakton Community College

Faculty Resources

As part of our commitment to Academic Excellence, “Oakton will use the College campuses as living laboratories for courses and activities that emphasize the study and practice of sustainability.” Faculty across disciplines are encouraged to incorporate the theme of sustainability in their coursework and class experiences. For ideas on how you can use the campus or incorporate environmental initiatives, check out some of the resources below. Faculty new to the idea of incorporating sustainability can find a wealth of information on the Sustainability Improves Student Learning page through Carleton College, from a beginner’s toolkit to ideas for integrating green topics across disciplines. There is also a wealth of information on the Campus Sustainability Hub, “a one-stop shop for AASHE members to access toolkits and resource collections about all aspects of sustainability in higher education, from academics to operations to governance”. Be sure to check out our resources list for Books & Literature, Films/Video Clips, Video Games, and Lesson Plans featuring sustainability themes.

This page is continually evolving! Check back soon for examples of sustainability/nature oriented activities and experiences that you can incorporate into your courses/curricula. If you have your own to offer, please send them to

Environmental Studies Concentration

Our Oakton librarians have pulled together a wealth of resources for faculty to incorporate into their courses which are tagged as part of our Environmental Studies Concentration (launched in Fall 2016).  To find out more about the concentration, visit:

Campuses as Living Laboratories


Articles on Hands-on Learning with Sustainability

  • Wells, Chris, Suzanne Savanick, and Christie Manning, 2009, “Using a Class to Conduct a Carbon Inventory” International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, v 10, n 3, pp. 228-238
  • Savanick, Suzanne, Richard Strong, and Christie Manning,  2008, Explicitly Linking Pedagogy and Facilities to Campus Sustainability: Lessons from Carleton College and the University of Minnesota. Environmental Education Research v 14m n. 6, pp. 667–679.

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