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Video Games & Digital Experiences

These resources can be used in conjunction with other Faculty Resources, or on their own for further exploration on Green Topics.

  • Cities: Skylines is a “modern take on the classic city builder” which engages gamers in designing a functional and successful city from waterways to energy systems to natural resource extraction. Individuals must also consider environmental effects like noise and light pollution in addition to other environmental surroundings in order to maintain citizens’ needs and comfort.
  • Recycling Hero is a ‘video game’ that shows how to sort waste (UMBC Commonvision)
  • Energy Savers is a ‘video game’ where a smoke stack displays pollution, and points are earned through energy saving actions with eco-ambassadors providing tips and info, and the university president providing the ‘mission’ (UMBC Commonvision)
  • Law of the Jungle is an an educational videogame created by a dozen student programmers and artists at Harvey Mudd, Pomona College, and Claremont McKenna . It is part of a genre called “serious games,” combining the advantages of gaming formats (engagement, exploration, fun) with substantive content geared toward education and the promotion of important causes.  This role-player game invites you to explore the challenge of protecting tropical forests.  It is conceptually rooted in a large research literature spanning the social sciences.  Law of the Jungle is designed for use in college courses, but should be accessible to anyone who can read at a 10th/11th grade level.
  • MobiusSorting is a simple online recycling game focusing on sorting skills created by the Liberal Arts Green Team at Penn State, which uses a seven stream sorting process.