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UNHSI Sustainability Fellowships–Application Deadline Extended to 2/19/17

UNHSI’s Sustainability Fellowships pair outstanding students with challenging, important projects that will propel the US toward a low-carbon future. Sustainability Fellows each undertake to meet challenging deliverables, and receive supervision, mentorship, unique networking and professional development opportunities, and a $6000 stipend.

2017 Project Descriptions

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Be the Change! With JoeyFineRhyme

On Wednesday, October 19, students and staff were inspired to BE THE CHANGE with stirring images, interactive musical interludes, and energy from bikes–thanks to JoeyFineRhyme.

The presentation was powered by our feet, by pedaling an energy bike connected to the sounds system. Joey shared with us some of the basics behind climate change, its causes, and its effects. He also covered our waste generation as a country and as a world, the way we manage it, and solutions for how we can help to stop these harmful trends in our behavior.

By connecting some of Oakton’s practices (like solar panels on the Lee Center, our new Environmental Studies Concentration, and our Bottled Water Ban) to these issues, he inspired each of us to BE THE CHANGE here on campus and in our personal lives.  Check out part of his performance here!

For more information on how you can get Joey to come to your organization, visit


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Electronic Recycling Drop-Off Wednesday April 20th

On Wednesday, April 20th, we will be hosting an Electronic Recycling Collection event at the Des Plaines campus from 3:30pm to 7:30pm in Room 1604, in coordination with the Douglas Center in Skokie and CyclePoint Recycling.  If you have any old electronics lying around your house, waiting to be properly recycled, please bring them in! Not only will you be helping to keep electronics out of the landfill, you will also be creating opportunities for individuals in our community. Douglas Center offers education, work, and enrichment opportunities to adults with special needs. These collection events and the dismantling and preparation process that follows create work opportunities for individuals involved. Please tell family and friends and invite your neighbors as this event is open to the public.

**Small handheld electronics and corded appliances are also acceptable but CRT Monitors and Televisions will not be accepted.**

E-Cycle_Oakton Community College-1

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Earth Week at Oakton Community College! 4/18-4/23

Every year, Oakton Community College prepares a week of hands-on programming to educate and engage our communities on issues related to the environment during the week of Earth Day. This year, we are happy to offer another mix of workshops, lectures, hands-on exploration, and restoration events and we welcome you to join us. All events are free and open to the public. No registration is required. Please share with your friends and families!




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Updated Look for DPC Waste Bins & Recycling Tips

A major sustainability initiative at Oakton as a result of our 2014 Waste Study was to improve diversion rates of waste on our campus, limiting what goes to a landfill. A part of this relates to how we collect our recyclables. Many years ago, it was necessary for us to sort our recyclable items into paper, plastic, and aluminum. Our hauler, Waste Management, converted to single stream in the 90’s. Our collection bins on campus however, remained the same. We are now working to give a face lift to our collection program. In place of our old bins, you will now see new (very fashionable, I might add) bins throughout Des Plaines Campus. We will also update Skokie in the future. The new bins look nicer, will save on the cost of liners over their lifetime, and help us promote our message of sustainability to our Oakton community and visitors. But we need YOUR help to be successful!



Single stream collection can improve recycling rates by up to 50%. Because ALL acceptable recyclable items go into the same bin, it simplifies the sorting process.  Yet, it is still important to recycle properly. Use the graphic below as a reminder for what can be recycled on campus. Remember, these items may go in ANY recycling bin on either campus. Though it is important to empty any liquids or food waste prior to recycling, containers do not need to be sparkly clean! A quick wipe or rinse will do. Please note: Plastic #6 is NOT acceptable for recycling. Please check the numbers inside triangles on the bottoms of your items. If it is a #6, it must go in the “trash” bins. If ever you have any questions on what can be recycled, please contact our Sustainability Specialist at or extension 1768.


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