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Bird Collisions on Campus

A sample of birds that have died after a collision. Photo: Faculty member Bill Strond

The Problem

Every year, nearly 1 billion birds are estimated to die as a result of collision with buildings, particularly windows. Oakton’s campuses are not immune to this danger. Though the construction of our Lee Center brought the issue to direct attention for many, we have several collision points on campus. Migratory birds are especially prone to these collisions. They fly through our region in spring and fall, en route to breeding or over-wintering sites. Because they are often smaller and unfamiliar with the area, these birds can struggle with the addition of new buildings in their flyspaces.

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December Hike Into the Woods

Wednesday, December 4, 12-1pm

We’ll explore the woods and discover the ways it remains a living, dynamic system despite the oncoming winter. We will also take a moment to contemplate how we can incorporate the forest’s teachings into our lives at this time of year.

Meeting Location is outside of exit 10, near the Performing Arts Center, Athletics Office and Parking Lot A

2019-2020 Hike Dates
September 3Tuesday, 12-1pm
October 2Wednesday, 12-1pm
November 5Tuesday, 12-1pm
December 4- Meet @ Exit 10Wednesday, 12-1pm
January 7Tuesday, 12-1pm
February 5Wednesday, 12-1pm
March 3Tuesday, 12-1pm
April 1Wednesday, 12-1pm
May 5Tuesday, 12-1pm

Lunchtime hikes are on alternating first Tuesdays/Wednesdays of each month from 12-1pm, Sept-May.  We will meet rain/snow/shine and will cancel only for severe weather, so please dress appropriately.

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October Hike With The Naturalist

Wednesday, October 2, 12-1 PMmeet @ Lee Center Outdoor Classroom

This month’s hike will take us out of our busy schedules and into the peaceful, relaxing woods. We’ll take time to re-balance & explore while learning about the forest that makes this campus so special. Long pants, socks covering ankles, and hiking shoes are recommended due to off-trail walking.

Lunchtime Hike Schedule

Tuesday 12-1 Wednesday 12-1
September 3 October 2
meet @ Lee Outdoor Classroom  
November 5 December 4
January 7 February 5
March 3 April 1
May 5

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Meet the Naturalist- Lunchtime Hikes

Common Sneezeweed, Helenium autumnale

Lunchtime Hikes with the Naturalist

I look forward to meeting more students, staff, and faculty during my first year here as the Naturalist! Join me for a monthly lunchtime hike on alternating first Tuesday/Wednesday of each month from 12-1pm, Sept-May.  We will meet rain/snow/shine and will cancel only for severe weather, so dress appropriately. The first hike is scheduled for Tuesday September 3, 12-1pm.. This month we will begin at the Lee Center Outdoor Classroom. However, meeting place is subject to change depending on season.

September Hike- Tuesday 9/3, 12-1pm

September is a great time to explore the color, diversity, and abundance of the late-summer prairie. Areas of focus will be later blooming plants of the sunflower family, insects, and observing changes in animal behaviors as winter approaches. Whether you want to learn native plant & animal ID or simply want to get some fresh air outdoors, all are welcome.  This will be a light hike over trails, pavement, and some grass. Hiking shoes are recommended.

Lunchtime Hike Schedule

Tuesday 12-1pmWednesday 12-1pm
September 3- Meet @ Lee Center Outdoor ClassroomOctober 2
November 5December 4
January 7February 5
March 3April 1
May 5
Whorled Milkweed, Asclepias verticillata, with Great Black Wasp, Sphex pensylvanicus

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Earth Week 2017 Events at Oakton Announced!!

Join us for our annual Earth Week Events at Oakton Community College, April 17-22. Feel free to share this pdf version and post (with permission) wherever you see fit! Thank you for helping us to spread the word on these amazing events to learn, engage with others, and make a difference at Oakton and in your communities!


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Ecology Internships–Chicago Audubon/Forest Preserve District

Here’s another internship opportunity with Audubon Chicago Region. In conjunction with Forest Preserves of Cook County, we’re looking for two Ecology interns to assist with the daily activities of the Ecology department at the District. Main tasks will include entering and managing data, assisting in generating plant and bird inventories of restoration sites, assessing current restoration sites, and identifying new stewardship sites!